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Złap! Połącz! Graj!

The FOOOTY is a unique patented 2D construction element that enables you to create 3D shapes.The elements can be connected with the SMART FOOOTY click system.
With these 10 RED FOOOTY elements, you can make all popular ball shapes to kick and throw around! And … when you use your imagination you can create anything you want.
The FOOOTY is resistant to kicks and tricks. It fits in every pocket and can be used anywhere, indoor and outdoors. It is your perfect travel buddy for every holiday or day at the park.
Included in this FOOOTY pack is a instruction manual to learn the basics. Also a handy sweat band to keep the stack together so it fits back in your pocket after playing;-)
Check out our tutorials via or see FOOOTY fun video’s on!
FOOOTY is designed in Holland!
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